Monday, 10 August 2015

5 ways you can use your cookies and brownies gift baskets

Cookies and brownies are treats that can be eaten almost anytime. They are awesome to eat as soon as you lay your eyes on them. But what if we told you that you can make something perfect even better?

Here are five ways that you can make cookies and brownies more delicious:


The cookies out of your cookies and brownies gift basket can be made into a variety of sandwiches that will increase their appeal. Just whip lightly whip some cream and mix your favorite summer fruit in. Dollop a generous helping of the cream mixture on a cookie and sandwich it with another. Or take out your favorite jam and use that as a filling for your cookie sandwich. Peanut butter too sits happily between two cookies.

Ice cream

You can simply eat the contents of your cookie gift basket with a generous scoop of ice cream. Remember how people would go on and on about how cookie dough is bad for you? But nobody said that about cookies. So swirl your tub of ice cream with crumbled chunks of cookies. You can throw in a crumble of brownies to add to that gooey texture.

Stuff it up

Brownies are great and can be stuffed with a variety of options. You can scoop out the brownie and add hot fudge sauce inside and cover it with the scooped out piece. Your family will be surprised with the extra treat that they get. Or you can use caramel instead. You can easily stuff brownies with cream cheese frosting and spice mix as well to add that extra oomph to regular old brownies. Brownies will stand up to rhubarb syrup, candied fruits soaked in alcohol and even fresh fruits.

Cover them

Make a rich smooth white chocolate ganache and cover the contents of your brownies gourmet gift basket. Add an unmistakable crunch and texture to gooey brownies by making a toffee sauce. Simply heat up sugar and add some ginger powder to it. Turn off the heat just before the sugar starts to burn. Pour this on top of the brownies and let them cool. The crack of the sugar accentuated with a slight bitterness, will make you reach for more.

Stack them

A bottle of Nutella is your best friend when revamping cookies and brownies are concerned. Simply lather on generously, stack them and put them under the grill for a few minutes. They will be warmed through and eaten as soon as you take them out from under the grill.

So go ahead and give your cookies and brownies a new twist with a steady supply of complementary ingredients.

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